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Keep Your Head Warm and Your Ears Toasty!!


Excitement is in the air!! Spring is just round the corner…. BUT…. winter isn’t over yet. The water is still at icy cold temperatures, and the wind can still be bitter when its howling. Keeping warm when your surfing in winter is essential. From the long surf check over the dunes, to being in the water, to the quick change afterwards, and that well needed cup of hot brew at the end of your session.

The new Northcore Beanies are the perfect must have accessory for keeping your head warm and your ears toasty before and after your winter surf session. Made in New York, the Brooklyn Beanie comes in a range of 3 stylish colors : Olive, Navy, and Slate grey. They’re made out of 100% cotton, and add pure comfort to any skateboarding, surfing, skiing, or snowboarding session.

The Northcore Snow Beanie is particularly perfect for skiing and snow boarding, with its interior lined layer of super warm fleece, it provides fantastic insulation for even the coldest of days. Its super stylish mix of Navy, Cream, and classic Nordic Pattern, will make you look even cooler whilst riding the slopes, and is available for only £19.99.

Grab yours now, be the envy of your mates, and stay super warm this winter!!

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Top Tips for staying fit this winter: A guide to Surfing Fitness and Health


We’re not all lucky enough to live by the beach, and even for those that do, consistent waves can’t be guaranteed all year round, so its important to try and keep your fitness levels up in different ways. He’re we have some top tips and great products for you on just how to do that.

Get Swimming: When its flat, or just too icy for you, swimming is a great alternative to keeping your aerobic fitness up, and is recommended by most surfers.

Powerstroke: Anything that resembles paddling on a surfboard will be beneficial to you. The powerstroke bungee cord provides resistant and aerobic training, and is also good for improving core strength.

Advanced Surf fitness Book: If you need some instruction on how to take your surfing to the next level, then award winning surf and swimming coach, Lee Stanbury, has written his second book, Advanced Surf Fitness, after the success of his first one, Complete Guide to Surf Fitness which includes a series of training programmes that target the different muscle groups used in surfing, from paddling to all the different manoeuvres.

The Advanced Surf fitness Book and Powerstroke Bunjee chord is also available in a set which is available to purchase here from only £39.99 (20% off RRP).

So keep motivated, keep a check on whats new in our surf fitness range of products and books, and most important, keep fit!!

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Keep your kit locked up in the Snow!!


We all know to lock our bike up or our car up, so why should your ski’s or snowboards be any different? In ski resorts all over the world, thousands are left everyday unattended and unlocked outside guest houses, restaurants and coffee shops, where its all too easy for a thief to sneak away with them. With the Northcore Viper-X snow lock, you can leave your kit locked up and secure when your not using it.

Northcore have taken years to produce the very best ski and snow lock on the market. The lock is a compact, portable, 3 digit combination lock which features a 90cm (approx) auto-retractable steel cable which is stored in the body when not in use.  It’s a perfect lock solution for snowboarders and skiers or for securing luggage when travelling.

As with any security device a determined criminal with the right tools can break into anything but use a Viper X and its a very good deterrent. Would a thief chose to take a locked item or one next to it left unlocked? So at only £9.50 a Snow Lock is well worth the buy. Grab yours for this winter!!

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‘Store Your Board’ and GO!!


The latest skateboard storage rack “Store Your Board” is a quick and easy to put up skateboard storage system that we’ve added to our Skateboard Division Range to keep your boards neat and tidy when your not using them.


The ”Store Your Board” rack is made from lightweight tough plastic, and comes with two pieces, each with three arms/tiers for storage, plus 4 screws and 4 drywall (plasterboard) anchors.


The Store Your Board rack turned out to be a super neat storage solution for our skateboards including our 41″ pin tail bamboo longboard, our retro beach cruiser and mini Penny style cruiser the Northcore “Candy Bar”, but looking at the rack’s website it’ll also store wakeboards, snowboards, skis, scooters and much more… we give it a big thumbs up!


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Matuse Wetsuits launch in the UK and Ireland

Californian wetsuit manufacture, Matuse have teamed up with UK based Surf wholesale specialists Global Wetsuit Supplies to bring their market leading products to the UK, Ireland and strategic mainland European locations.

Established in 2005 by John B. Campbell, John V. Campbell and Matt Larson, Matuse set out to create a company dedicated to great design, provocative thinking and manufacture of premium wetsuits. Matuse spear headed the use of limestone-based Geoprene material for their suits creating a product 30% warmer, 30% lighter and longer lasting rubber which doesn’t absorb water. On this note, Geoprene is 98.1% water impermeable compared to the standard 65.1% offered by standard oil-derived neoprene.

Global Wetsuit Supplies spokesman said of the distribution agreement, “Our goal is to work with only the finest, most innovative and creative brands in the wetsuit market place and Matuse epitomize these qualities. We’re really excited to be working with the team out of California to bring the best wetsuits on the planet to Europe’s surfing community”

Matuse is available in the UK, Ireland and Europe now through Global Wetsuit Supplies. For wholesale orders and more information contact:

sales@globalwetsuitsupplies.com or for more product details visit www.matuse.com

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Jetty Welcomes British surf champions to the team

December 19, 2013 – Jetty is elated to expand our team roster with the addition of European riders Cliff Cox &
Chris “Guts” Griffiths.
Cox is an accomplished surfer, with a collection of championships under his belt, including titles from the English Masters & South Coast, and a bronze medal from the European games. In addition to having earned accolades in the circuit, Cox has created a
reputation for himself in the community through his establishment of Pure Spirit, Brighton’s premiere professionally run surf school. As the leading instructor in the area, Cox shares his expertise & passion with surfers of all ages & abilities. The
testimonials from his students share the common belief in an increase in performance & confidence, both of which are necessary skills as one hones the craft of wave riding.
Griffiths, who earned his nickname of “Guts” due to his playful behaviour during his first ever surf trip, is a well-known face & name on the Welsh circuit. Throughout his career as a professional surfer, Griffiths has been awarded a multitude of titles, the most accomplished of which were Welsh & British titles, and a top ranking at the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP)
World Tour. His understanding of the craft evolved into a talent for board shaping, and Guts Surfboards can be found in the quivers of riders around the world.
As Jetty Team Riders, Cox & Griffiths will act as ambassadors for the brand as it breaks international ground. Cox’s devotion to his family & unquenchable thirst for travel align perfectly with the ideals of Jetty, as does his personal manifesto of “always treating others the way you want to be treated.” Griffiths is a self-proclaimed “surf addict” with an intense desire to follow the
waves wherever they may take him, even if it means hightailing through the Scottish highlands in the middle of the night on the search for the perfect wave. Both of these gentlemen know what it means to “Draw Your Own Line.”
In April of this year, Jetty officially announced their European launch in collaboration with Left Point Distribution and the West
French Agency. Currently, the Fall/Winter 2013 line is being offered at various locations throughout the UK and England, with the first shops to carry the brand being Ocean Sports in Hove, Magic Toast in Leicester, Surf Snow in Long Eaton, Reefs in Worcester, Transurf in Newquay, Magic Seaweed in Devon, Flow surf and skate South Wales, Wetsuit Outlet in Shoeburyness and more.
About Jetty
Jetty is a grassroots company with a special touch of NJ garage must & dust. We print all of our own apparel in-house using an eco-friendly, water-based discharge ink system. Jetty currently sells in 50+ retailers primarily on the east coast. Jetty was formed
with the intention of supporting athletes, motivating the next-generation, spreading positive energy, and creating our own personal paths so that travel, music & opportunity became more apparent…knowing that we have accomplished these things and motivated
many of you to do the same is the energy of The Jetty Life™.
About Left Point Distribution
Left Point Distribution is a UK-based company dedicated to the wholesale supply of the action sports trade. Left Point takes pride in sourcing and manufacturing some of the world’s very best surf & action sports accessories, hardware & lifestyle products.
Please feel free to contact Jetty for further information regarding the company, The Jetty Rock Foundation, and eco-friendly screen printing services at 800.900.6435 or visit www.jettylife.com.
Please visit http://www.left-point-distribution.co.uk for further information on European supply.
Jetty – Draw Your Own Line
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Northcore short film- “Pilgrimage of Grace”

The second instalment of a series of awarding winning short films from Northcore, shot on the UK’s rugged North East coast. “North Sea swells are never easy to predict, low pressure charts often allow hopes of fresh swell to soar only to fade as dawn breaks and nature hasn’t delivered. Occasionally those broken promises are redeemed and all the elements combine gracing us with pristine lines of energy sculpted by offshore wind, reef and blessed by sunshine. This is when the North Sea glows and the pilgrimage begins.”


A Northcore Film

By- Chris McClean

Executive Producer – Matt Strathern

Additional Footage- Lewis Arnold

Music – Lake Poets – Mercury Retrograde Notwithstanding
and Half Moon Run – Full Circle

Surfers – Gabe Davies, Sandy Kerr, Owain Davies and Ryan Hammond


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Dawn Patrol Mobile Surf Shop California

A great idea for Dawn Patrol surfers in Southern California…

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New Jersey based “Jetty” leaps across the pond and launches in Europe.

Left Point Distribution in collaboration with Westfrench agency are pleased to announce their latest distribution agreement launching the “Jetty” apparel brand into the European market place.

Jetty Life









Jetty is a grass roots company with a special touch of New Jersey garage must & dust. Jetty design and print their own apparel, finding ways to innovate, learn, surf, skate, dance, party and listen to a lot of music! Jetty was formed with the intention of supporting athletes, motivating the next-generation and spreading positive energy with the aim to create, inspire and set their own trends.

Left Point Distribution spokesman said of the agreement “Jetty is a very exiting clothing brand with ideals and goals close to our own so we’re stoked to be working them, launching their brand through our surf distribution network. Jetty will initially be available to the UK & Ireland regions where we’re now taking pre-orders, with a European wide roll out to follow.”

For more information regarding Jetty visit their website at:


Or for wholesale enquiries in the UK and Ireland view the catalogue at



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Is this wave worth $20,000?

yes! as it won surfer Martin Paradisis that prize money at the Oakley Big Wave competition for the biggest surf ridden in Australasia 2012/13

Pedra Branca Rock Tasmania

Over the Awards’ 10 years, Paradisis has collected every prize except the big one. He’s won the Paddle-in, the Slab, and Best Overall Surfer. But the $20,000 main prize had eluded his grasp until last night, when a colossal wall of water ridden by him off Pedra Branca Rock, south of Tassie, was deemed the largest wave ridden in Australasian waters in the past year.

“It’s a huge thrill,” Marti said of the Award and the ride that generated it. “I’m so stoked to be able to represent the Tassie crew up here. I wouldn’t get to ride waves like this without a lot of help so this isn’t just for me.”

Marti’s ride just got an edge over mate Danny Griffith, who got another huge ride that day at Pedra Branca. The rides tied in the first judging round, voted for by surfers registered for entry in the Awards, but were comfortably split by an expert panel of big surf maestros from the USA.

The pair were hailed by a stoked roomful of peers, including fellow finalists Paul “Antman” Paterson, Tyler Hollmer-Cross, and Jeff “Camel” Goulden, who earlier took out the increasingly prestigious $5000 Paddle-in Award – reserved for surfers who catch these titanic waves under their own power with no jet-ski assist.

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