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Who’s ready to try ALL WATER TEMP SURF WAX?

Froth Wax may just be a game changer in the world of surf wax. Froth Surf have now produced a highly successful all water temperature wax so you can surf where ever you take your board.



Froth Wax uses a unique and proven formula which creates a much better stick with the board, it also doesn’t get bare patches and lasts 3 times longer than your average wax and is still affordable at just £9.99 for 5 Blocks.


Some people are calling this a revolution in surf wax and the feedback for this Australian based company are so far supporting that.  This is a must try product that will allow you to be on your board for longer.  It’s the most versatile wax we’ve seen to date and a must try.


Check out this and other Froth Waxes here

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DING TAPE Waterproof Surfboard ding repair in minutes

This product is earning credentials all over the place.

The new Ding Tape is pretty much what is says on the tin!!! but with loads more extra features which makes it such a popular product and not just any old waterproof tape.

From Australia it’s a high performance, long life adhesive tape designed specifically for repairing dings on fiberglass surfboards and SUPs.Ding_Repair_packaging2 copy (2)

It’s UV, chemical, temperature and water resistant which bonds to your board to create a long lasting watertight repair in seconds meaning you can get back to what you love doing.

It’s really easy to apply too just apply Clear Ding Tape to a clean, dry and wax free surface and off you go.

Best of all if you want to do a more permanent repair later on the Ding Tape just peels off without leaving residue or marks.

The tapes come in rolls of 4m so you can cover a pretty good area. The width of the roll is 42mm.

ding_tape copy (2)

This is a must have product and one to keep handy the next time you take your board out. For £6.99 you can’t afford to be without one.

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Hawaiian Hula Girl – The Perfect Vehicle Accessory

Wow! These are great.

The Hawaiian Hula Girl dashboard accessory.

This new product will make your journey much more entertaining as she dances away on your dashboard whilst you drive. She’s 6.5”, hand crafted from polyresin and hand painted with a great finish.


Hula Girl cropped


This is a great, fun product and she’ll just hula away as you drive thanks to the spring hidden beneath her natural grass skirt.

Purchase your new travelling companion, get on the road and watch her go!!

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Hook Up Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger – dry your kit out on location

Planning a trip to the beach over the weekend or a couple of days away camping?  These ‘Northcore Hook Up Magnetic Wetsuit Hangers’ are ideal for getting your gear dry while still out and about (Post surf picnic anyone?)

This gives you the opportunity to make the most of being outdoors in the lovely weather without having to rush home to get your kit dried off.

The Northcore Hook up can be used on car hatchbacks and doors without the risk of scratching the paint work and holding up to 20kg. Perfect for long days  and holidays and particularly useful for camping and very affordable at only £9.99!


Get yours ready for the nice weather that’s just around the corner!!!!


Also available at Northcore


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The latest GoPro Mouth Mount gadget… Every Surfer needs one!!




This is the latest generation of Go Pro accessories, ideal for capturing those amazing moments when you’re out surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding and more. The mouthpiece Mouth Mount which includes a Floaty and Neck Lanyard, in case you drop it, is held in between your teeth so you’re completely hands free, perfectly demonstrated above by Northcore Pro Surfer Peter Conroy!

The ergonomic soft silicone mount has a breath-through air channel for comfort, and is compatible with GoPro Hero 1, Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 3 Plus, Hero 4 Camera. Available for only £14.99, they really are the must have accessory for every surfer.

Go have fun, surf waves, and capture the moments. Buy yours here!!

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Keep Your Head Warm and Your Ears Toasty!!


Excitement is in the air!! Spring is just round the corner…. BUT…. winter isn’t over yet. The water is still at icy cold temperatures, and the wind can still be bitter when its howling. Keeping warm when your surfing in winter is essential. From the long surf check over the dunes, to being in the water, to the quick change afterwards, and that well needed cup of hot brew at the end of your session.

The new Northcore Beanies are the perfect must have accessory for keeping your head warm and your ears toasty before and after your winter surf session. Made in New York, the Brooklyn Beanie comes in a range of 3 stylish colors : Olive, Navy, and Slate grey. They’re made out of 100% cotton, and add pure comfort to any skateboarding, surfing, skiing, or snowboarding session.

The Northcore Snow Beanie is particularly perfect for skiing and snow boarding, with its interior lined layer of super warm fleece, it provides fantastic insulation for even the coldest of days. Its super stylish mix of Navy, Cream, and classic Nordic Pattern, will make you look even cooler whilst riding the slopes, and is available for only £19.99.

Grab yours now, be the envy of your mates, and stay super warm this winter!!

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Top Tips for staying fit this winter: A guide to Surfing Fitness and Health


We’re not all lucky enough to live by the beach, and even for those that do, consistent waves can’t be guaranteed all year round, so its important to try and keep your fitness levels up in different ways. He’re we have some top tips and great products for you on just how to do that.

Get Swimming: When its flat, or just too icy for you, swimming is a great alternative to keeping your aerobic fitness up, and is recommended by most surfers.

Powerstroke: Anything that resembles paddling on a surfboard will be beneficial to you. The powerstroke bungee cord provides resistant and aerobic training, and is also good for improving core strength.

Advanced Surf fitness Book: If you need some instruction on how to take your surfing to the next level, then award winning surf and swimming coach, Lee Stanbury, has written his second book, Advanced Surf Fitness, after the success of his first one, Complete Guide to Surf Fitness which includes a series of training programmes that target the different muscle groups used in surfing, from paddling to all the different manoeuvres.

The Advanced Surf fitness Book and Powerstroke Bunjee chord is also available in a set which is available to purchase here from only £39.99 (20% off RRP).

So keep motivated, keep a check on whats new in our surf fitness range of products and books, and most important, keep fit!!

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Keep your kit locked up in the Snow!!


We all know to lock our bike up or our car up, so why should your ski’s or snowboards be any different? In ski resorts all over the world, thousands are left everyday unattended and unlocked outside guest houses, restaurants and coffee shops, where its all too easy for a thief to sneak away with them. With the Northcore Viper-X snow lock, you can leave your kit locked up and secure when your not using it.

Northcore have taken years to produce the very best ski and snow lock on the market. The lock is a compact, portable, 3 digit combination lock which features a 90cm (approx) auto-retractable steel cable which is stored in the body when not in use.  It’s a perfect lock solution for snowboarders and skiers or for securing luggage when travelling.

As with any security device a determined criminal with the right tools can break into anything but use a Viper X and its a very good deterrent. Would a thief chose to take a locked item or one next to it left unlocked? So at only £9.50 a Snow Lock is well worth the buy. Grab yours for this winter!!

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‘Store Your Board’ and GO!!


The latest skateboard storage rack “Store Your Board” is a quick and easy to put up skateboard storage system that we’ve added to our Skateboard Division Range to keep your boards neat and tidy when your not using them.


The ”Store Your Board” rack is made from lightweight tough plastic, and comes with two pieces, each with three arms/tiers for storage, plus 4 screws and 4 drywall (plasterboard) anchors.


The Store Your Board rack turned out to be a super neat storage solution for our skateboards including our 41″ pin tail bamboo longboard, our retro beach cruiser and mini Penny style cruiser the Northcore “Candy Bar”, but looking at the rack’s website it’ll also store wakeboards, snowboards, skis, scooters and much more… we give it a big thumbs up!


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Matuse Wetsuits launch in the UK and Ireland

Californian wetsuit manufacture, Matuse have teamed up with UK based Surf wholesale specialists Global Wetsuit Supplies to bring their market leading products to the UK, Ireland and strategic mainland European locations.

Established in 2005 by John B. Campbell, John V. Campbell and Matt Larson, Matuse set out to create a company dedicated to great design, provocative thinking and manufacture of premium wetsuits. Matuse spear headed the use of limestone-based Geoprene material for their suits creating a product 30% warmer, 30% lighter and longer lasting rubber which doesn’t absorb water. On this note, Geoprene is 98.1% water impermeable compared to the standard 65.1% offered by standard oil-derived neoprene.

Global Wetsuit Supplies spokesman said of the distribution agreement, “Our goal is to work with only the finest, most innovative and creative brands in the wetsuit market place and Matuse epitomize these qualities. We’re really excited to be working with the team out of California to bring the best wetsuits on the planet to Europe’s surfing community”

Matuse is available in the UK, Ireland and Europe now through Global Wetsuit Supplies. For wholesale orders and more information contact:

sales@globalwetsuitsupplies.com or for more product details visit www.matuse.com

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