Great White Shark in the North Sea!

Just the mention of sharks, especially 3 tonne ones with very pointy teeth, will send a shiver down the spine of many surfers. Knowing that you’re never alone when you paddle out is in the back of all of our minds especially in places like California, South Africa and Australia, but the North Sea isnt exactly known as a white shark feeding ground… until now!

Below is an short piece on the story from the Sun Newspaper which unsurprisingly is a little on the sensationalist side. But looking at the images below (the top one taken recently and the lower one in 2008) it certainly looks like some bigger fish has taken a bite at a smaller one.

Something had a nibble of this Porpoise

“Jaws is Stalking the coast of Norfolk, experts fear- after a porpoise was found mutilated by a giant shark.

Tooth-marks show that the bloodied mammal, a favourite food of great whites, was mauled in a feeding frenzy.

Scientists could not rule out the man-killers being behind the attack on a stretch of coast popular for resorts like Great Yarmouth.

The grim find was made just 26 miles from another suspected shark attack on a seal in 2008.Walker Hollie Moran, 24, found the 5ft porpoise with chunks taken out of its head and tail at Horsey.

She said: “It was brutal. Its jaw must be nine inches – that’s quite a bite.

“We’ve seen surfers here. It could have been them attacked. I won’t go swimming again.”Dr Ken Collins of the National Oceanography Centre said: “It’s undoubtedly a shark bite. It could be a great white. The sea around the UK is habitable for big sharks.”

There are of course sharks in the North Sea, but Great Whites? The one consolation is that with the opaque brown sea water around many North Sea surf spots you’ll never see them coming”

Mmm seal

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