Introducing up and coming Surf Artist Emma Rawlins

The surfing world has an incredibly diverse and progressive culture of artistic creativity inspired by the ocean and riding waves and it’s always good to see emerging new artists being recognised especially if they surf at the same break as you! This is how we came across Emma Rawlins and her beautiful paintings so wanted to share an introduction and some of her work here. In Emma’s own words:

“Hi, I’m Emma Rawlins, aged 23, a surf artist based primarily on the north east coast of England. Having always painted whilst growing up, it has become a recent career path for me to paint full time, meaning I get to do what I love all day. My focus within this career path is Surf Artwork, based on the ocean and the breathtaking scenery surrounding it discovered in England and whilst travelling some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, 2011, and from my passion within surfing myself. I would love nothing more than to continue this career path, selling locally, nationally, or perhaps even one day to be recognised as an English Surf Artist. I love doing what I do, I hope you like my work also”

Check out Emma’s paintings at or have a look at her facebook page:

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