Northcore short film- “Pilgrimage of Grace”

The second instalment of a series of awarding winning short films from Northcore, shot on the UK’s rugged North East coast. “North Sea swells are never easy to predict, low pressure charts often allow hopes of fresh swell to soar only to fade as dawn breaks and nature hasn’t delivered. Occasionally those broken promises are redeemed and all the elements combine gracing us with pristine lines of energy sculpted by offshore wind, reef and blessed by sunshine. This is when the North Sea glows and the pilgrimage begins.”


A Northcore Film

By- Chris McClean

Executive Producer – Matt Strathern

Additional Footage- Lewis Arnold

Music – Lake Poets – Mercury Retrograde Notwithstanding
and Half Moon Run – Full Circle

Surfers – Gabe Davies, Sandy Kerr, Owain Davies and Ryan Hammond

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