SeventyOne Percent Boardrider Care comes to the UK

Extremehorizon Surf Distribution brings “Seventy One Percent” Boardrider Care range to UK & Ireland

Extremehorizon Ltd are pleased to announce their latest distribution agreement launching the “Seventy One Percent” “Boardrider Care” Range into the UK & Ireland market place. The French based Seventy One Percent Brand has designed and produced a concept unique to the boardring market, offering riders a Prepare, Protect and Recover care solution .

SeventyOne Percent Travel Kit

Extremehorizon spokesman said of the agreement “Seventy One Percent are a very exiting brand, their product concept is unique, functional, creative and incredibly well presented. The Seventy One Percent brand’s approach to the environment by donating 1% of their profits to the Surfrider Foundation is a perfect fit with what we are striving to achieve at Extremehorizon and we are stoked to be working with them”

The SeventyOne Percent brand began on the waves of the Landes, France by three friends with different backgrounds but with a common passion, surfing. The surfing experience in the waters of Landes for Marc Levy, Raphaël Vannier and Ygal Sananes brought a clear realization that the market didn’t offer suitable products that accompany them before, during and after their surf sessions.

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The result is SeventyOne Percent: A range of Technical products, responsive to the often difficult conditions of extreme sports. The range was based upon a whole new concept of “Boardrider Care “, a solution to care for and support atheletes in 3 stages: prepare, protect and recover.

SeventyOne Percent is also an ethical brand. After two years of work and research in French laboratories the first line of Surf Care was successfully launched with a eco-friendly approach being central to their beliefs. SeventyOne Percent also joined the Surfrider Foundation to help preserve the coastal environment and oceans. For every product purchased, 1% of profits is donated to the association.

For more information regarding Seventy One Percent visit their website at:

Or for wholesale enquiries in the UK and Ireland contact:

Tel: +44 1507 201707


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