Wave pool: A sign of things to come?

Quiksilver are holding a surfing event in the worlds largest wave pool this Jan and here at Extremehorizon we reckon its something we are going to see much more of. As more wave parks are built they’ll attract more spectators, more riders and more sponsorship. Guarenteed waves at a specified height in warm safe water is a contest organisors dream…next step the Olympics?….heres a snippet of Quiksilvers press release:

Malaysia’s land-locked city of Kuala Lumpur is about to get a blast of boarding culture with the upcoming Quiksilver Revolution 2.0 bringing an international line-up of surfers and skaters to its chlorinated shores.
At a huge 18,000 square feet (1,672 square metres), the man-made surf pool at Sunway Lagoon resort theme-park in the heart of city, is the largest in the world and the perfectly shaped waves it produces has attracted five of the world’s most talented surfers to take part in a surfing display.
On January 26, aerial specialist Ry Craike (Kalbarri, West Australia), top-ranked professionals Troy Brooks (Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia) and Josh Kerr (Snapper Rocks, Queensland, Australia) will be joined by Peurto Rican hotshot Dylan Graves and Indonesian star Wayan ‘Betet’ Merta (Bali, Indonesia) as they give a futuristic surfing demonstration to an expected 30,000 curious landlocked fans.
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2 Responses to Wave pool: A sign of things to come?

  1. Indonesia Surf Resorts says:

    I don’t think wave pools will ever take off with epic surf destinations around the world like Indonesia and Fiji.

  2. Indonesia Surf Resorts says:

    Is this wave pool at one of the Indonesia Surf Resorts ?