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Phix Doctor Super Sap 2:1 Epoxy Repair Kit


Phix Doctor Super Sap 2:1 Epoxy Repair Kit

Price: £12.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Phix Doctor Super Sap 2:1 Epoxy Repair Kit product details
Phix Doctor Super Sap 2:1 Epoxy Repair Kit: PhixDoctor is here to push fiberglass Repair Systems closer to the environmentally conscious sport they are an essential part of. Reduce, REPAIR, Reuse could be the mantra of this new line of repair kits.

PhixDoctor’s SuperSap® 2 in 1 Epoxy Repair kit introduces the highest bio-content epoxy resin available anywhere. Odourless, non-toxic* ultra clear epoxy resin packaged in a flexible container that’s 1/26th the carbon footprint of rigid plastic bottles and 72% lower landfill impact! Bamboo fiberglass, nature’s carbon fibre comes together with Soy based resin to form a strong and natural combo for the highest quality, lowest impact repair ever. Finally you can singlehandedly save the earth!

*People with nut allergies should avoid handling this resin while it’s wet, although mild to no problems are reported after the resin has cured.

Super Green, Low Impact, Easy Squeeze Container!

Kit contains:
  • 3oz (90 ml) SuperSoy® Epoxy Resin, 2oz Resin/1oz Hardener - ENDLESS SHELFLIFE!
  • Bamboo Fiberglass 6 X 27 inch
  • Fin Rope
  • Sand Paper - 3 sheets
  • 5 Mixing Cups
  • 5 Bamboo Mixing Sticks
  • 3 Clear Smoothy Sheets
  • Complete & Easy Instructions
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