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Surfing Etiquette

Surfing Etiquette

The tribal “rules” of surfing are few and simple, but surfing etiquette is being ignored more and more, so here's a brief guide to the ethics:

Right of way:

      1. Furthest out - the surfer furthest out or waiting the longest has right of way
      2. Furthest inside - the surfer closest to the peak has right of way
      3. The surfer first to their feet in these two instances has right of way

Golden rule:

NEVER Drop in on or Snake a fellow surfer


Safety and respect:

      1. If in trouble in the water never throw your board unless you are 100% certain that there are
         no other surfers behind you.
      2. Respect the beach, the ocean and those around you
      3. Give respect to gain respect (especially if you are not at your local spot)

Simple really! Happy surfing

These ethics are based upon Nat Youngs Tribal Law, supported by the Surfrider foundation


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